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Oakwell Capital is the specialist venture capital financing division of Oakwell Holdings. Oakwell Capital consists of thousands of prominent global venture capital firms, private equity firms, private investors, commercial banks, investment angels from all over the world.

Oakwell Capital is an associate member of International Venture Capital Association as well as Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires.

Oakwell Capital’s funder partners makes provision for, and offer loan-structured finance, equity-structured finance or a combination of these financing options.

  • Venture capital finance

Venture capitalists offer equity-structured finance for projects requiring medium- to long-term financing of $1-million or more. This type of financier is typically directly involved in the business, providing strategic direction to management as well as financial support for the company. He may have a seat on the board but does not usually participate in day-to-day management. The reward is rapid growth of the enterprise in the medium- to long-term, with the funder exiting through the sale of the company, a management buy-out, or a flotation on the stock market.

  • Investment angel finance

Investment angels provide loan-structured finance of $1-million or more, utilizing various loan structures, with interest determined by the level of risk inherent in the venture. Although these projects are implemented independently, the project owner makes use of the wide range of professional expertise offered by Oakwell Corporate.

Either type of Oakwell Capital’s funder partners can supply funding at various stages in a business’ development:

  • At start-up, to facilitate product development and initial marketing financing.
  • In the early stage, to enable commercial manufacturing to take place so that the venture can start generating profits. 
  • The expansion phase requires capital to increase an enterprise’s production capacity and to develop and market its products. 
  • Refinancing can entail the purchase of existing shares in a venture from another venture capital firm, providing the funds needed for a management buy-out, financing a buy-in by outside managers, or providing an existing recipient with additional capital. 
  • Separate import and export financing and/or the provision of guarantees are provided. 
  • Capital can be provided for trading in minerals and commodities. 
  • Bridge financing.

Oakwell Capital serves as a catalyst that generates wealth for its funder partners. Exclusivity ensures that funder partners’ interests are paramount in all its activities.

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