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Oakwell Holdings has been founded in 1999 as an exclusive international private investment group whose mission is to take full advantage of the various lucrative corporate and investment opportunities that is almost only presented to well resource organizations in the world economy.

Hence, Oakwell Holdings has established three dedicated specialist divisions in its quest to achieve its ambitious vision of becoming the worlds most exclusive and dynamic private investment group.

  • Oakwell Capital is the venture capital financing division of the group consisting of thousands of independent venture capital firms, private investors, commercial banks, private equity funds, investment angels from all over the world.
  • Oakwell Corporate is the corporate advisory services division of the group, comprising of a myriad of independent corporate and professional consultants and specialists in 68 countries. Oakwell Corporate also provides the group with the required in-house corporate and management advice, as well as guidance to effectively give effect to its objectives and goals.
  • Oakwell Investments is the corporate investments division of the group responsible for the expansion of Oakwell’s corporate investment interests through mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, LBO, MBO, MBI, etc. In addition, Oakwell Investments are responsible to manage the group’s vast corporate empire that includes corporate activities and interests in approximately 2300 companies in 68 countries.

With its valuable, well-structured and resourced three specialist divisions, Oakwell Holdings has a very strong global presence which underlines the group’s phenomenal successes.

The positive impact of Oakwell’s successful Corporate Strategy and corporate philosophy have secured its position as the most preferred and exclusive private investment group in the world. In addition, Oakwell has established itself as a leader in demonstrating good corporate citizenship through its active participation and involvement in philanthropic programs.

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